Benefits of Home Staging

Even Before They See the House….

78% of a buyer’s decision about a house is already made before they actually see it – based on location and size and photos on the website or flyers.  A professional stager can help make an impact on the inside and outside areas of your house which affect first impressions. 

Getting Your Home Ready for Sale
Staging goes beyond the usual list of repairs, clutter, decor and packing personal items.  Stagers “kick it up a notch” – by broadening the appeal of the house to a wide array of potential buyers at the same time targeting to the most likely market using lifestyle selling techniques.  Staging impacts the condition of a house – buyers will be impressed with the way the house looks. They want to buy a “model home”. 

A staged house makes for beautiful photos. Beautiful Photos attract more buyers to showings; this means more offers and increasing the opportunity to sell the listing on the first round of marketing.

Staging is about securing the equity in the property. Staging is not about inflating the price of a house – a well-priced house with staging reduces the risk of offers being less than what you want. A staged home sells faster and for more money.

Staged Homes:

  • Sell faster
  • Sell for more money
  • Show better in photos and marketing promotions
  • Attract more buyers, and more offers
  • Eliminate buyers chipping away at the ‘asking price’