Complimentary Home Staging Consultation

Showcasing Your Home!


A home staging consultation is a comprehensive process where our professional stager will offer a room-by-room assessment of the entire property to help get it show-ready, with the goal of obtaining a top sales price.  The professional stager’s ultimate objective is to help you, the homeowner be as prepared as possible and showcase the home in its best light.


We offer the exclusive services of Melanie Riswick-Nelson, of Mill Street Design who is not only a home stager but a professional home designer as well. Melanie is up to date on the latest trends and knows what buyers look for when touring a home. She is aware of what areas of the home make the biggest impact on a buyer’s decision-making process and will ensure your home shines in its best light!


Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Staging Consultation.


  • The professional stager will book an appointment with the you.


  • The process includes a walk- through of your home with you, with a detailed look at the inside and outside of your home. Recommendations and suggestions will made throughout the walk-through.


  • A written report after the consultation will be provided that will outline suggested advice and tasks to be done, providing the Seller with an easy reference guide with timelines.


  • As part of my service plan of “Providing You with an Outstanding Real Estate Experience”, this is a free service to you the homeowner.


Home Staging Advice will include:

  • items to removed from the home to enhance the overall space (declutter)
  • furniture placement to showcase your home’s features
  • placement of your current home décor items to be aligned with design guidelines
  • suggestions of items that should be repaired/replaced
  • tips on the latest paint colours/trends/décor items that will attract buyers
  • suggestions on window treatments, painting, lighting changes, mirrors, and how to improve your curb appeal
  • recommendations on making the outside of the house look its best including gardens, back decks, sheds, garage, front door entrance, swimming pool and recreational areas etc.


Additional Services

  • If the Homeowner does not have the time or skillset, they may ask the Stager for a quote to have help getting some of these recommendations done. The professional home stager can also offer furniture rental services, most importantly if your home is currently vacant.