Documents You Will Need to Sell Your Home

In order to provide accurate information to the buyer and his agent, it is important to obtain information from several documents already in your possession.  The following is a list of documents that should be available when an agent prepares to list your home:



The survey of your property, or a copy thereof, will show the legal dimensions of the property, any easements or restrictions, any fences and buildings on the property. If you are unable to find a copy please consult the lawyer who looked after the purchase of the property or the lender who gave the mortgage.  Condo owners are asked to provide recent financial statements including reserve fund status, unit and common areas floor plan along with condo rules and regulations.


Tax Bill

The most recent tax bill is required to provide the most up-to-date information to the buyer. You can obtain a copy by calling your local Tax Department.



The deed will indicate the ownership of the property that is necessary for the sale.


Utilities Bills

Quite often buyers are interested to know the cost of the utilities related to the home. Copies of heat, hydro, water, cable, internet etc. will be helpful.


 Seller Property information Statement

This optional statement to be completed by the seller is designed to protect the Seller by establishing that correct information relating to the property is provided to buyers.


 Access to Your Home

Once your home is listed on the market a lockbox will be installed on the door of your property to provide easy access for agents showing the property to prospective buyers. The lockbox combination is used if you are not home at the time of the showing.